Neon Signs

Neon Signs

Neon signs – now based on LED technology – have become a best-in-class choice in Sydney when it comes to neon signs; traditional neon lights look nice, but they are outdated for a number of reasons. New technology means that today’s neon signs are cheaper to produce, they last for longer without the need for ongoing maintenance, they use a lot less electricity and are by far safer to deploy in your business as they use very low voltage.

There is a huge range of colours available as well as easy-to-install fitting systems that comes with predrilled mounted panels.

Neon signage is widely found throughout Sydney for interior design on bars, restaurants, fitness and beauty studios, architectural projects as well as for various branding purposes, pop up stores, main events and exhibitions, for art purpose, retail and corporate applications. Neon signage is also hugely successful as pop art in homes and offices, and is sought after for birthday and wedding parties.

If you’re looking for a neon sign company in Sydney, give us a call. Our sign specialists work not just in Sydney but also in Melbourne and in Canberra with neon signs, and our sign company services all your design needs.

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We pride ourselves on achieving realistic deadlines for our customers’ projects.

Nationwide installation

We have a network of sign installers across Australia, and we can carry out projects in all major cities – from Sydney to Melbourne, Canberra to Brisbane, Perth and anywhere across our great nation.

Advice & Consultation

No bots, no automation; our sign company provides an expert account manager to discuss your needs.

Design creation

Our sign design company manually verifies and proofs artwork files. Our signage workflow makes sure we minimise errors!

Print, Cut & Finish

In-house cutting, printing and finishing allow us to control the quality and lead times, maintaining consistency in our services

Neon Sign using LED Technology

We offer design services for custom neon signs, using the latest in energy-saving technology: LED signage.  However, if you have designed something yourself, you can simply email us your specific logo as a vector file or graphic artwork. Our sign team will then transform this into the relevant digital files. You should keep in mind that LED neon signs do have some limitations, but when it comes to shape issues, there is what is now called “flex neon.” When using 180° or 360°, the range of options is wider, the signs do get pricier too. It is possible to make the design slightly simpler to adjust it to the shape allowed.

Mounting Options

Neon LED signs can be mounted on various colours of acrylic panels. Here are the most popular ones: clear, white, black, but we work with a whole range. The traditional, old school neon signs use a clear acrylic backing where you see all the exposed wiring. That would be the case as well when we use clear acrylic backing, which can be rectangular, square, rounded or cut to shape. We use high end laser cutters for that purpose. The result is an extremely accurate finish for the mounting panels.

The panels can be installed with metal panel mounts. Wiring can be used instead; it depends on the circumstances involved.

A Myriad of Colours for Neon Signage

As a best-in-class, specialized neon sign company right here in Sydney, Australia, we offer plenty of colours to choose from for your led tubing. Please see the chart for reference. Lighting is important. How so? Well, it is important to consider how the lights you choose will look like if you desire to turn them off. Or, if the light will be permanently illuminated, that does not have to be considered. We’re very excited about neon signage, especially given new LED neon sign technology.

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Neon Goes WOW and Let's Your Brand Shine

Neon signs are bright and are a great way to change the tone of the room by the colour they emit. If you want to control this, you can add dimmers to your lighting as an additional option. (This is one of the advantages of modern, LED-based neon signage).

Our sign writers can customise the type of wiring to your specifications, whether you want to pick a black, white or clear wire. We can also customise the length of the wire, so it reaches near or far power outlets. This can be fitted with a plug so you can connect it to any normal plug socket in your home or business, or you can wire this to the existing lighting system.

In-House Neon Sign Installation Team

We can package up your beautiful neon sign ready to dispatch with our network of couriers. Our install team will be on hand over the phone offer any assistance you require when it comes to installation.

Alternatively, we can install the LED neon lights for you as part of our servies. Just provide us with your address, details of the nearest power source and images of the area where you would like us to erect the signage and we can provide a quotation for the installation. We are one of the top-rated sign companies in Sydney. Our team can take your neon sign project from conception to installation. Let our neon sign design experts work with your company to create a brand that truly shines!


LED neon lighting can be delivered in a vast array of colours. Dimmers can also be used to brighten or soften the lights. Amongst the most popular colours are:

  • Warm white
  • Pure white
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple
On average, you can expect your custom led neon signs to be ready in 3 to 4 weeks. The delivery will vary a lot depending on the shape and style you are after. But as a general rule, your sign should be ready to be installed or dispatched within that timeframe.
On average, neon signs cost anywhere from $400 to $1000. Our signs are as affordable as can be, but sign costs will vary considerable depending on quantity: Are you after a one off or is it going to be mass produced for a retail chain? It will also depend on the style desired – Flex neon is much more affordable than 180 and 360 led neon signs, which are a lot more complex to be produced. It is certainly cheaper to produce vs traditional neon signage. It is also way safer to handle and much more energy efficient.

Traditional neon signs – At first, neon signs were made using the old school way, using glass. These had to be hand crafted into the desired letters or shapes. Then gas is added to the tubes. This produces the fluorescent light, which folks identify as ‘neon.’  It looks really cool, but it is a dying art as it is far more complex, expensive and time consuming to be produced, apart from being a heavy energy user and fragile as well due the fact it is built using glass.

LED neon signs – These are fabricated with the use of LED which stands for Light Emitting Diodes. They are connected with each other, which then created a reliable source of light and in the case of flex led neon, it comes with an acrylic backing which can be cut to shape or produced in a particular shape, in most cases the backing acrylic is transparent, but depending on the application, there are multiple colours to choose from and even combination of application of vinyl over a backing panel or direct printing if a pattern is involved in the design. The backing acrylic prevents the flex tubes from losing their shape as they are very flexible.

We have strict processes in place to make sure we keep up with the high standards our clients expect for our led neon signs. It all starts with an initial consultation, over the phone, at the client’s premises or we welcome clients to come to our sign company business in Sydney. Next, we will discuss materials, budget, what we can achieve based on designs and building limitations, if any are applicable. Third, we move on to the mock-up phase. Fourth, once that is approved, the neon signs go to production. You can usually expect a 3-4 week turnaround time, depending on the complexity and quantity involved. The final stage involves the installation by our professional signwriters. Finally, we can organise the delivery for your team to work on it.
There are a myriad of styles you can choose from when it comes to LED Neon signs, as per imagery shown in this page. The flex tube neon is more limited when it comes to intricate shapes and colours vs what can be achieved with 180 and 360 led neon design. The flex neon does require a backing acrylic panel, which is not required for the other styles.

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Platinum Signs has been providing signage to our fleet across the country for years. We can rely upon their expertise when it comes to advise as well as trusting their crafted installers that always live up to our expectations.

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