Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic is a commonly used in place of glass in the signage industry. It is highly durable and versatile yet offers excellent transparency. Acrylic is also ideal for large format printing as it has a smooth surface that can project vivid imagery, colour matching, and etching. When you have custom-crafted acrylic signs that are combined with backlighting (or spotlights), the results are truly unique and exciting for many businesses.

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Acrylics signs are excellent ways to advertise and promote your business. They are well-suited for various projects. They are attractive to customers due to their superior finish. Based in Sydney, Australia, 3D Illuminated Signs can help you design acrylic signs for installation anywhere across our great country. We are well-known in the industry for crafting exceptional signage. Acrylic signs can help many businesses make a statement with their corporate branding. Due to their nature, acrylic signs are highly customizable. We can assist you in deciding which options in terms of custom acrylic signs may suit your business the best. We’ll go through the benefits and advantages of using acrylic signs and how they can be best used in your business.

Acrylic is Lightweight & Durable

Acrylic signage is preferred over glass signs, which can be quite fragile. In addition to its hardiness, acrylic signage is also quite smooth. This lends itself incredibly well for printing as the results are clear and highly legible. We have had Sydney business after Sydney business extremely happy with this type of signage. Acrylics are ideal for all forms of text, graphics, and writing. Custom designed and printed acrylic signs are capable of holding up against all forms of weather, which makes them perfect for use inside and outside. Transportation is also easy with acrylics as they generally will not shatter or break, even if dropped accidently. For this reason, they are brilliant in situations where they need to be moved often, such as popup promotions, stalls, and other mobile events. Speak with our design team, today, and let them showcase how acrylic signs can be the best solution for your sign needs.

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Acrylic Signs: Applications

Here are some common applications for Acrylic Signage:

  • Reception Panels
  • Promotional Acrylic Boards
  • Nameplates
  • Architectural Signage
  • Building Signage
  • POS – Point of Sales Display
  • Custom 3D Signage
  • Statutory Signs
  • Acrylic Braille Signs
  • 3D Reception Signage Lettering
  • Lightboxes
  • Custom Projects
  • Coasters
  • Artistic Panels
  • Special Projects

Multiple Panel Options

Coloured acrylic printed panels

This printing process is completed on the side of a sign. As this style of printing is visible on the front facing surface of your sign, it can be prone to damage (most often scratching). For an added layer of protection, we’ll include a matte or gloss lamination to the final product.

Transparent Acrylic Panel Printing (Most Popular)

They are printed from the back of the sign, producing a uniform, glossy finish. This printing method also ensures a denser sheen while it protects the ink from scratches. It gives a stunning sense of depth to the print. ­

Opal – Translucent

Vastly used for lightboxes, both internal and external and specific projects requiring lighting to shine through, we do both direct printing and application of translucent film depending on the project.

Custom Acrylic Signs

One of the major benefits of using acrylic signage is that it’s highly customisable. Custom signs, in fact, are our speciality. With custom acrylic signage, our sign team can help you to create professional commercial spaces, turn interiors into promotional areas, or place them anywhere that you’d like to add your own personal brand (perfect for short term leases and events). Many Sydney businesses make use of acrylic signage as they can be custom designed for promotional means or informational displays. The uses for acrylic signs in businesses are nearly without end! Usually when people hear the word ‘custom,’ they think ‘expensive’, but with acrylic signage and modern technology it is now quite affordable to get your own personal signs crafted. Acrylic signage is ideal if you’re a new start-up looking for that professional touch, or a business that is seeking a durable solution while keeping costs low.

Signs for your business that wow

Acrylic signs, as produced by the team at 3D Illuminated Signs, offer businesses a professional and attractive presentation. As they are one of the most robust and durable types of material that can be used in signage, acrylic signs provide many years of usage. With a glass-like transparency, acrylic signs offers an excellent look for your business, and can represent both text and imagery (i.e. your business logo, or branding) extremely well. They are also suitable for producing nameplates for desks, or signage for walls that can help staff and customers find their way around your working space.

High impact signage

With competition in many industries as challenging as it gets, attracting attention toward your business can help improve your sales. With modern and highly professional acrylic signs, you can build awareness for your brand with ease as acrylic signs are very eye-catching. As we manufacture the custom acrylic signs to a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, the signs can be targeted and developed specifically for your business. Our sign team can install them into your business in many different ways. What’s the most important factor? It’s that they remain highly visible to all your customers and assist in communicating exactly what your business is about and the best ways they engage your services. Acrylic signs, in summary, are great business branding!

The last word on acrylic signs

Custom acrylic signs will work for all types of businesses. This includes retail, corporate offices, bars, hotels, restaurants, popup stores, market stalls, and clothing retailers. Currently you’ll find acrylic signs being used for all manner of reasons; for example, nameplates, internal signage, external signage, information panels, and staff notifications. There are many benefits to using acrylics in your business, but the most important are lower costs, customisation, and durability. Acrylic is comparable to glass in style, but it is less prone to damage caused by impact or dropping.

Our sign team are able to help you with the design and application of any acrylic sign for your business. Feel free to give our experienced team a call during business hours, and we can discuss the benefits that acrylic signs will give to your business. Custom acrylic signs are available in Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra and throughout Australia when we are working with a national brand.

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For acrylic panel prints, it takes 24 to 48 hours to produce them if the artwork is ready to go. In the instance of having complex cut outs, such as 3d acrylic lettering printed or vinyl wrapped, the usual lead time is 5 to 7 days.

We have in -house specialized installers and a wide network of installers for nationwide projects. If you are after acrylic panels, you have the option of adding standoffs, panel mounts for easy installation doing yourself or hiring a handyman. Platinum Signs is a leading Australian manufacturer of acrylic signs. We do not stop just there though, as we are a full-service sign company.

The thickness ranges from 2mm to 40mm. The most popular for thicknesses, for large scale flat panel printing would be 3mm and 4.5mm. The 10mm thick boards are commonly used for reception acrylic and 3d cut lettering, along with 20mm thick sheets.

Black and white acrylic panels are very popular. We also work with several other colours. All basic ones such as blue, yellow, red, green, grey as well as special acrylic panels like gold, metallic, frosted, matte and fluorescent.

Cast opal acrylic is the right choice when the intention is to let light shine through for lightboxes and 3d illuminated signs. We certainly do this sort of work; it is one of our strongest selling products.

Absolutely. Clear acrylic signs are commonly used on reception signs to have the logo and lettering cut out applied only. It is also popular for 3d cut out lettering printed when there is a necessity to achieve specific colours for branding. We also do UV direct printing on clear acrylic panels. This gives a great sense of depth to the print, further enhancing the look and feel of the acrylic print.

Acrylic is fairly affordable, especially the thinner panels. They look great without a high-end price tag that comes along with other types of signs, such as metal ones. Simpler panels are more affordable than complex 3d lettering or custom acrylic sign projects.

It certainly is. We have unique projects that require very small prints, with as little as 50mm x 50mm, but also large-scale prints, combining multiple full sheet panels. The full standard sheets come in size of 1220mm x 2440mm. For custom projects, we can also work with panels up to 3000mm long.

Computer-assisted cutting with the use of laser or router services is one of our strongest points, from a simple geometric shape, such as a triangle, rounded panel. We also do intricate cuts for architectural projects, point of sale displays, 3d acrylic signs, and others.

The acrylic panels which are laser cut are; the router cut ones are not.

Acrylic is a sturdy, waterproof material, which can be installed outside. Cut out lettering should present no problems, and under awning acrylic lightboxes would be fine as well. We do not recommend the use of acrylic panels for panels which are fully exposed to the sun. For outdoor panels, long term application, we recommend ACM – Aluminium composite panels. For cut out lettering acrylic there is no problem with possible expansion of the material as the panels would have so that is doable to applied exposed to the sun. Each signage project is unique, and whether or not acrylic / Perspex is applicable, depends. Contact our design team and we can advise you.

Acrylic surfaces are printed directly on the surface with a special UV ink. This can be done on both sides to craft unique customized signage. It is possible to print all sorts of images including, letters, numbers, and symbols. It is even possible to print a fully coloured logo in addition to other images and photographs.

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