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3D and Illuminated Signage

3D Illuminated Signs aims to be the best sign company for 3D and illuminated signs. Our best-in-class signage services help businesses, nonprofits, and government entities showcase the information that they need to. Our signwriters have the experience, the capacity and the drive, to make sure we deliver signage projects, from small to large, simple to complex, to a great variety of industries. Our sign experts work in local projects as well as in all major cities in Australia with our skilled staff or highly qualified signage installation partners.

We provide high visibility 3D and Lightbox (including LED and NEON) signage to give your business a competitive edge. If you’re looking at something a bit different, feel free to ask and we can work to your requirements for custom sign projects.

We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and professionalism. Our commitment to this means we’re always looking at how to better serve our clients. To us, signage is about presenting our clients in the best possible way so we can grow together. We keep our prices reasonable so that your return on investment is optimised.

For your next sig project get in touch with us and experience the Platinum difference. No matter how big or small your job is, 3D Illuminated Signs can optimise your visibility. Our goal is to be the best sign company in Sydney and throughout Australia, one project and one client at a time.

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